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Sooooo I’m probably going to get an apartment this summer and live with Noel, and then next school year Kira is gonna come live with us. Maybe I can get a puppy…

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For my photography class: winterstormathena's Athena. 



Here is the felt I made of Lucky
(My first felting ever)


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Two flat tires at 6 am

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By R&B Presse

I wish they didn’t ruin this picture with their watermark :(

I really like this

Photographers everywhere die a little inside…watermarks are there for a reason. If people didn’t take photographs so freely without permission/credit they wouldn’t be necessary, but here we are…


Well I feel useless today. And it’s barely even 8 am

Another beautiful day for a drive

Favorite tumblr horses?

ugggggh i like a lot of horses

all of riding-blind's horses, especially gg. 

palominah's lady lucky.

flying—changes's jilly 

dressage-riders-thoughts firefly 

horseskeepmesane's kavala 

… all of the mares. & gg. but these are the ones that i keep up with the most really. 

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seeing foals kept in stalls/small paddocks hurts my spirit

sometimes it’s necessary just fyi

ah yes let’s put the colt with the fungal lung infection outside in the dew overnight at 13 degrees

the filly with OCD in her stifle will do just fine if she runs around in a huge field all day no problem

I would like to point out that in the original posts tags she did mention that they should stay in if their ill or seriously injured.


seeing foals kept in stalls/small paddocks hurts my spirit

The two foals at eagles barn are inside 24/7 and it literally kills me. Scarlet is already barn sour and she’s 6 months old. It makes me so sad.

I love my job :)

One of today’s adventures.

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