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Oreo & I today, he’s such a cutie. i love him! 

I finally did one of these things, grabmane you should be impressed! Usually I forget to do them. But ouch handwriting sucks. riding-blind, palominah, dressage-riders-thoughts (who is no longer actually queen1) & hereiswhereifangirl. You’re up to bat.

da cutest driving creature

(ps. kira took this)

Oreo & I today, he’s such a cutie. i love him! 

he’s so cute i can’t stand it. so is little tegan peeking through the bars. 

Trooper the tank!

1800 followers promo!


Will do five groups of five, with five random solo screenshot promos.
Favourites will be bolded.
Must be following me.
Must reblog this, no likes. This will start when I hit 1800 followers (currently at 1791), but it must get at least twenty notes!

Bath # 2 for the day.

Bath day for Oreo

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pureinthismess replied to your photo:
He’s gorgeous every time you post a picture I’m like oooh pretty baby

he’s a pretty little 18 year old baby! he’s a huge chicken. proud to call him my godson. I can’t wait to see how far kira can take him. 

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